The Art And Design, Which Speaks For Itself!

elegant in their design. We have always given priority to high art work, and all that can be easily sensed from our collection of materials. It doesn’t matter, whether you are going for, home theater acoustic panels or acoustic ceiling, you will be treated to some mesmerizing designs and shapes.


Everything, from the color to the shape, is crafted as per the demand of the customers. Our motto has always been, you ask and we deliver. Safety of our customers is our prime concern, which is why we make our products using Polyester fiber. From acoustic ceiling to all other materials that we churn out, has this safe and durable product. Polyester fiber is not only fire resistant, but is also recyclable. This means, good for customers and brilliant for nature. We have always strived for excellence, but in doing so; we have never put an additional burden on our customer’s pockets. We are clear about our vision, which is to deliver the best quality at the best price.

We have materials available for every place and occasion, so be it a classroom or a hotel, you just have call us and we are there with the delivery. More about us and our collection of work can be viewed at our website that is well maintained and regularly updated. So far, we have served clients from all the areas. We have supplied materials to radio stations, and have decorated stadiums. Our customers have received immense satisfaction from all our work and collections, and have used our services time and again. To give our customers, optimum standard of products, we keep innovating and improving the skills in our