Do You Want Your Hammock Stand To Rot?

examine your stand before relaxing in it. Identifying the early signs of wear and tear will be the greatest defense to your investment. Remember your stand is made out of wood. Over time the sun will wear on the overall appearance of any wood whether it is a hammock stand or a wooden deck. In either case, the wood will need to be cared for.

Wooden Stands

Depending on the climate in which you live, you will need to do some light sanding and simple wood treatment. Warmer climates, which receive more sunlight, will require more frequent wood treatment. Remember when sanding to rub sandpaper along the wood grain. If you are sanding on a regular basis a high number grit paper is best. After an even smooth finish has been achieved, it is necessary to now treat the wood. There are many items on the market for wood treatment. Linseed oil is most often recommended for cypress wood however, I often use Thompson’s Water Seal.

If your wooden stand is held together by bolts, don’t forget to take it apart and treat the wood that is not exposed. More than likely, it will not appear to be as bleached from the sun as the wood that comes in direct contact with sunlight however, water and other physical weathering can begin to erode. Providing occasional treatment in all areas will extend the life and the look of your wooden hammock stand.

Metal Stands

Like wooden stands, metal stands also have to be maintained and treated on a regular basis. A simple inspection of all joints and junctions before you lie down to relax will help a lot. When it comes to anything metal and spends an extended period of time outside, keeping a close eye out for rust is paramount.

I suggest the light sanding at least once every six months in extreme climate areas. After all ru