City Zoning Codes Can Ruin Your Perfect Business Location

You’ve found the perfect business location in a high traffic area. Customers will find the structure, parking accommodations, and landscaping pleasing. You should be able to attract a lot of customers just from your location.

Just a minute. Before contacting the number on the window and writing a sizable check, have you checked your city zoning codes?

What are zoning codes?

Zoning refers to local laws, ordinances, or regulations that restrict your use of your property. The laws control property development to ensure all property owners are good neighbors. If you bought a house to raise your children, you wouldn’t want your neighbor building a liquor store right next door to your home, right?

How do zoning codes restrict my property?

Zoning ordinances set standards on you how you can actually use and what type of improvements you can make to your property. Standards are different for commercial, residential, industrial, and recreational uses.

A city can set requirements for such things as